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Look out for the colorful new update coming soon!

Diversion is the ultimate touch screen jumping game. With carefully crafted levels, simple controls, and colorful 3D graphics Diversion distills the platform genre to its essence: timing. Add over 200 levels, 7 Worlds, and 700+ unlockable characters and you have a game that's hard to put down.

"It’s one of those games that pull you completely out of reality and absorb you into a simple, but effective, arcade experience." - DigitallyDownloaded.net

"If there were a Shigeru Miyamoto Award for Level Design, the Edis Brothers would deserve it for Diversion" - iFanzine.com

"Diversion provides a really interesting twist on classic platforming ideas, and offers a great little mobile experience" - Classic Game Room

"Diversion provides a startling amount of content in a crazy fun little package" - AppSmile.com


"Diversion" and "Diversion for Kids!" Available for iOS, Mac and Android!

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